Ski Equipment Gulmarg

The proper Material to Ski in the Himalaya
Gulmarg Himalaya Backcountry

Ski Equipment for Gulmarg

When joining FSH powder programs in Gulmarg the following factors should be taken into consideration:

The baggage rules of the airlines , unfortunately there are no clear rules any longer and the allowed baggage weight is changing regularly therefore guests should check the baggage allowance and surcharges before booking.

The limited availability of skiing and outdoor sports gear in Gulmarg, including lack of spare parts and repair infrastructure.

With regard to travelling with avalanche backpacks the IATA rules for the transport of dangerous goods need to be respected: Avalanche Backpacks in Airplanes

  • List of Equipment Items for the Gulmarg Ski Vacation

    Below is the list of equipment items that are absolutely necessary for driving the powder in Gulmarg. Basically, guests need the same equipment as for a stay in places like Zermatt, Chamonix or Arlberg.

    • Equipment List for a Ski Trip to Gulmarg
      • - 1 Avalanche Backpack or Free Riding Backpack (Day Pack)
      • - Free Riding Ski with min. 105mm width under the foot
      • - Ski Boots (freeriding, touring or standard ski boots)
      • - Ski Poles (Telescope Poles for Snowboarders highly recommended)
      • - Free Riding Board and Boots
      • - Ski or Snowboard Transport Bag
      • - Touring Equipment (for participants interested in snow trekking expeditions)
      • - Avalanche Search and Rescue Device
      • - Snow Shovel
      • - Avalanche Probe
      • - Helmet and Ski Mask, Back Protection (recommended)
      • - Gloves, preferably two sets
      • - Ski Goggles and Sun Glasses
      • - Thermo Underwear
      • - Ski Underwear
      • - Soft Shell (fleece, down, primaloft)
      • - Ski Jacket und Ski Trousers (triple Gore-Tex)
      • - Sun and Lip Protection (protection factor 50 for skiing areas from 2500m to 4500m above sea level
      • - Head lamp/pocket Lamp
      • - Spare Batteries for Cameras etc.
      • - Energy Bars and Powder (recommended)
      • - Drinking Bottle 1l (normal Drinking or Thermos Flask)

      FSH has a small rental shop with skis, poles, avalanche safety tools and cylinders for a snowpulse system based avalanche backpacks. These cylinders can also be refilled by us when needed. Link….

      Besides the clothing for traveling one should only bring the absolute minimum (spare clothing, training suit, toilet articles, required medication, and winter boots). The motto "simple and multifunctional" should be respected.

      Guests who book their stay in Gulmarg with us will receive a checklist with all relevant information a couple of weeks before they embark on their trip. As rule you can plan with the same equipment you would need for skiing in places like Zermatt, Chamonix or Arlberg:

      The ideal equipment you can obtain from our partners: