Gulmarg - The Ski Resort

By Cablecar to 4'000 m
Gulmarg View on Apharwat


The ski resort of Gulmarg is located in one of the most scenic areas of Kashmir and lies 52 kilometers southwest of the capital Srinagar at an altitude of 2'730 meters. In 1927 the ski and snowboard area in Gulmarg was discovered by British residents, they were immediately attracted to its beautiful landscape. In the years to come, it became a preferred ski area and trekking and golf destination for foreign residents and visitors from all parts of the world.

The skiing area in Gulmarg offers a unique view on the 8'126 meter Nanga Parbat and many other high peaks.

  • The Pir Panjals - A Mountain Range in the Himalaya

    Gulmarg's ski terrain is located in the Pir Panjals, one of the six ranges which make up the Himalayas. Situated at the the western extremity of the world's highest peaks, the Pir Panjals are the first mountains to be hit by the westerly and south westerly storms which roll over the Indus river flood plains each year, providing the greater part of the Himalaya's winter snowfalls. Extensive snowfalls of more than 20 meters in a season make the ski area in the ski resort of Gulmarg a true ski vacations paradise for skiers and snowboarders.

    Nanga Parpat


    Cablecar in Gulmarg - From 2'650m to 4'000m

    The six-seat gondola in the ski resort of Gulmarg was build by the French Poma Group and installed in the years 1998 (phase 1) and 2005 (phase 2). It ascends from 2'650 meters via a middle station with restaurant at 3'050 meters to an elevation of 3'990 meters, providing lift served access to a vast and untracked ski and snowboard terrain with long powder snow descents of up to 1'800 vertical meters.

    Gondola Mid-Station


    Heliski in Kashmir - An interesting Attraction

    Since 2010 heli-skiing is also available in Gulmarg. The chosen heli-skiing terrain is located under the highest peak of the Pir Panjals, the 4'745 meters high Sunset Peak. Due to its location and topography this terrain offers excellent conditions for heli-skiing vacations with attractive and challenging freeriding descents of more than 2'000 vertical meters.

    Kashmir Heliski


    Gulmarg - The Insider Tip for Freeriders

    The beauty of its landscape and the availability of attractive mountain sports activities make the ski resort of Gulmarg the insider's tip for mountain sports enthusiasts from all over the world.

    Kashmir Backcountry


    The Ski Terrain on Mt. Apharwat 4'200 m

    Gulmarg has a fantastic ski terrain and excellent snow conditions. With the gondola, you reach an area with numerous, long and steep runs. About 10% of the area is controlled by the avalanche service. The skiable terrain is exposed to the north and is accessed on skiers’ own risk and responsibility.

    In addition to the large freeriding area, there are also two prepared pistes in Gulmarg, mostly used by Indian tourists. The first piste leads from the middle station to the village and the second is in the lower half of the chairlift terrain.

    The maps below give an insight into the area and show the danger zones.

    Mt. Apharwat South Ridge
    Apharwat South Ridge


    Mt. Apharwat North Ridge
    Apharwat North Ridge


    Avalanche Danger Zones on Mt. Apharwat
    Avalanche Danger Zones Apharwat