Gulmarg Ski Terrain Map

The Freeride Runs on Mt. Apharwat 4'200 m
Avalanche Mt. Apharwat

Gulmarg Ski Terrain + Risk Zones Map

Skiing at Mt. Apharwat in Gulmarg is something different than in the modern ski resorts in other parts of the world. 90% of the area will not be checked and will have to be skiing at your own risk. The descents are steep, the mountain is exposed to the North, it has few safety points, and almost all departures end in so called terrain traps.

With the maps below you can get an impression of the ski runs and get information about the risk areas.

  • Mt. Apharwat South Ridge
    Apharwat South Ridge


    Mt. Apharwat North Ridge
    Apharwat North Ridge


    Avalanche Risk Zones on Mt. Apharwat
    Avalanche Danger Zones Apharwat